Our Mission

Client: Sultanate of Oman
Value: £3,300,000
Duration: June 2018 - June 2019

Embassy of Oman

Key Features

  • We are carrying out a full redevelopment of the Oman Embassy on Thurloe Square which will function as the working offices of the naval attache
  • 33 Thurloe Square is a Grade II listed building within a conservation area which has also received modern alterations in the form of a recently completed lower ground floor and double basement
  • The works include a full internal refurbishment including structural alterations and creating a new internal layout. A full M&E replacement has also been specified
  • Given the complex nature of the works the use of BIM has greatly enhanced project control, efficiency, sharing of information, and transparency on this project
  • It was important to provide an easy project overview for the client. 3D modelling has greatly assisted with this as it can demonstrate a realistic finished outline of the project. This has been important for managing the client expectations and helping with decision making
  • Bespoke joinery is required in the form of panel doors, staircases, and casings as well as high quality internal decorations. When procuring and delivering these items all the client choices are linked to a cost database to assist with cost control


Challenges and Solutions

  • The client, design team, and our project staff established who should take ownership of each element of the project and how information should be shared in order to best facilitate this
  • We have been able to effectively coordinate the various elements of work whilst also taking account of the different construction types in each area of the building and the requirements for working in and around them
  • We demonstrated the best use of space for each part of the building to the client so that a working office layout could be agreed ahead of time