Our Mission

Client: BT
Value: £3,000,000 per annum
Duration: January - December 2017 (renewed)

BT Refurbishments

Key Features

  • BT are one of our major clients who we have been working with for over a decade. We carry out annual packages of works to their predominately high rise buildings including BT Centre
  • Because this is a long term contract involving numerous call off projects with various subcontractors it is critical to maintain control of cost. To do this we carry out a continuous supply chain rationalisation to review the costs and performance of our approved suppliers. This ensures we continue to receive competitive rates
  • At BT Centre works were split into phases to achieve the earliest possible completion date. Demolition, internal works, external works, and M&E installations were sequenced to allow as much simultaneous working as possible without the overlap causing disruption to other trades. This logical programming was particularly important given the restricted working conditions on site


Challenges and Solutions

  • We held meetings with the designer and BT to review the requirements to ensure that all parties agreed on how the works should be delivered
  • Works were scheduled to be completed on a floor by floor basis with careful sequencing and a right first time finish. This helped to avoid delays meaning the areas being worked in were finished and available for use by BT at the required time
  • We carried out resource planning in order to sequence trades. It was necessary to thoroughly plan logistics and site requirements given the complexity of moving materials in and around high rise buildings