Our Mission

Client: Green Street Green School
Value: £200,000

Green Street Green School

Key Features

  • We recently completed a project at Green Street Green School to carry our fire protection works and install 70 fire door sets
  • This included FD30 and FD60 rated sets as appropriate
  • Fire doors were bought and installed as a complete set to ensure that the leaf, glazing, ironmongery, and frame were all compliant and suitably rated
  • We segregated timber waste from general waste on site with the latter being sorted offsite by our waste contractor to achieve diversion from landfill
  • Works were delivered during the school holidays which meant strict programme control was crucial to ensure completion before the new term started
  • Works were delivered on time and on budget with snags closed out prior to final handover
  • We made a £1,300 donation to the school in order to fund new equipment for the children


Challenges and Solutions

  • “Back in the summer last year you very kindly offered a donation with the suggestion that this could be utilised to support social and community initiatives of the school. The teachers supporting the children have researched and found a list of resources to enhance the learning experience for the children and your offer towards that is very much appreciated.”
  • “I would like to add that I am very happy with how the doors look and the contractors/installers were a pleasure to work with and very amenable to school challenges.” - Sally Copper, Estates Manager


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