Our Mission

Client: Maddox Gallery
Value: £300k - £800k per gallery
Duration: September 2015 - Present

Maddox Gallery

Key Features

  • We have a continuous programme of works with Maddox Gallery carrying out maintenance, refurbishment, and reconfiguration works to four galleries in Mayfair
  • This has included fit out, redecorations, wiring, lighting, windows and doors, security installations, M&E installations, and basement overhauls
  • These sites were listed which required extra protections and close scrutiny of design, materials, and methods in order to remain compliant
  • Works were also carried out with Maddox staff on site meaning safe segregation of the working area was paramount. We monitored the sound levels to ensure no prolonged durations of continuous high levels were sustained and that a suitable working environment was maintained for Maddox staff
  • Our performance on our initial projects was highly commended and resulted in us being awarded several additional contracts up to the present day


Challenges and Solutions

  • These works were delivered to active galleries which required us to minimise disruption as much as possible. We scheduled work to be completed between exhibitions during the day or overnight if this wasn’t possible
  • This involved close coordination with the client to phase trades and programme works in line with the opening times and requirements of the gallery. Artwork would be safely removed and stored after closing time, works carried out overnight, and the artwork replaced in time for morning opening hours