Our Mission

Client: City of London
Duration: August 2019 - Present

Petticoat Tower

Key Features

  • Etec have secured two projects to deliver works to Petticoat Tower on the Middlesex Street estate in the City of London
  • This is a residential estate managed by our framework partners the City of London Corporation
  • We originally secured a project to replace the glazed panels forming the curtain walling on the North and West elevations of Petticoat Tower
  • A second project was then published by City of London to carry out windows and doors replacement to the residents flats
  • We were able to identify several efficiencies that could be achieved by delivering the projects concurrently which will help to reduce cost for City of London as well as disruption for those living in Petticoat Tower itself

Challenges and Solutions

  • Coordinating site set up and hoists is a major challenge given the limited space on site
  • There is only space for a single hoist to access the podium level. This meant it would be difficult for two contractors to deliver each project separately
  • By running the two projects simultaneously this eliminates the need for additional temporary works which solves the logistical problem as well as minimising disruption and cost for City of London