Our Mission

Value: £500,000 per annum
Duration: December 2020 - 2024

SCDC Stabilisation Works

Key Features

  • This project was delivered on behalf of South Cambridgeshire District Council who own approximately 5500 properties across the district
  • The council had identified properties that had experienced structural subsidence and ground shrinkage
  • We were required to carry out ground stabilisation, structural support and in some cases the jacking up of structural walls
  • This includes providing an insurance backed guarantee including a certificate of structural adequacy, ground testing including soil analysis and geotechnical review, design plan for treatment, drainage surveys and monitoring, Geopolymer injection treatment to approved plans, and any required remediation
  • This contract is for the initial work, with the option to extend each and every year up to a total of four years based on our continued performance


Challenges and Solutions

  • For speed, efficiency, and minimal disruption to neighbouring properties and the environment a Geopolymer injection system was used
  • The properties were occupied meaning that coordination to arrange surveys and testing was highly important
  • Works were delivered with residents in situ where possible
  • In some instances the works were highly invasive which required residents moving to empty neighbouring properties
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