Our Mission

Client: University of Essex
Value: £260,000
Duration: February - June 2018

University of Essex

Key Features

  • We have recently undertaken works at the University of Essex carrying out internal refurbishment and M&E installations to a 5 storey office building
  • Works were scheduled to be carried out late with works occurring between 10pm and 5am. We achieved programme efficiencies by working during the day in areas that were vacant or otherwise not required for use by the university
  • We were responsible for designing the containment and power routes to the new systems. We worked closely with our appointed subcontractor and UOE’s design team to fully understand the requirements and ensure that our proposed design was optimised and fit for purpose
  • Variations were agreed for additional fittings to meet and exceed fire regulations. This included fitting additional lighting and other installations


Challenges and Solutions

  • We worked with the UOE team to programme and timetable when areas would be worked in and scheduled for completion to give UOE confidence of when the various areas would be available for use
  • As the works were spread over 5 floors it was necessary to sequence completion to maintain access and egress and not cause any unintended disruption
  • Because of the restricted space on site we used the vacant University offices for out site set up reinstating them upon completion